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24 Hours!

If we only knew up to when are we going to liveā€¦ What if we only have 24 hours? What are we going to do?


Thank God!

"The Introvert"

Needs time alone to recharge...

Before anything else, I would like to thank God for everything. For things I am aware and things I am not aware of. For His abundant and unspeakable blessings. For His gracious compassion. For protecting me every single day of my 36 years of existence, and for taking care of my family. For letting me know the true Church of God, Bro. Eli Soriano, Bro. Daniel Razon, and all the brethren in the Church. For giving me two loving children, Sherwin and Angelo. For Vincent, my partner and best friend in one. For my mother who happens to be my greatest friend also. For my father who sheds not just sweat but blood and tears to raise six stubborn kids. For all my friends who understands my ups and downs, especially to my best friend Marie, who although I seldom see, knows every single thing about me. And also, for giving me wisdom, and letting me have the opportunity to express myself in the web.

Shirley Garing